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0000766Heron Server[All Projects] Heron Live Realmpublic2020-11-21 17:45
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Summary0000766: [Questline] Dustwallow Marsh Shady Rest Inn part 3
DescriptionRaze Direhorn Post! - ID: quest=27429/raze-direhorn-post - A quest itemhez ( item=33072/tabethas-torch) hiányzik az aktiváló pont a sátrakból( npc=23751/north-tent, npc=23752/northeast-tent, npc=23753/east-tent).

Raze Direhorn Post! - ID: quest=27429/raze-direhorn-post - A quest item ( item=33101/captured-totem) nem ad creditet, a megfelelő NPC leölésénél(npc=4341/drywallow-crocolisk, npc=4345/drywallow-daggermaw
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