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0000770Heron Server[All Projects] Heron Live Realmpublic2020-11-21 17:55
ReporterSzauronAssigned ToFavorit5503 
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Summary0000770: [Questline] Desolace Bizby part 4
DescriptionEarly Adoption - (id: quest=14246/early-adoption) - Aquest item működik, e nem proccol a credithez szükséges npck (2-3 db)

Fletch Me Some Plumage! - (id: quest=14253/fletch-me-some-plumage) az npc ( npc=4692/dread-swoop) bent is voltak, de nem dobjáka quest itemet (item=49032/dread-swoop-feather)

Good Gold For Bad Tail - (id: quest=14252/good-gold-for-bad-tail) - az npc ( npc=4728/gritjaw-basilisk) bent is voltak, de nem dobjáka quest itemet (item=49030/aged-basilisk-tail)

New Beginnings - (id: quest=14251/new-beginnings) - az npc ( npc=4696/scorpashi-snapper) bent is voltak, de nem dobjáka quest itemet (item=49026/scorpion-stinger)
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